Tips For The Health Conscious Woman On The Go

In the context of today’s society, woman has become a highly influential, social organism, compared to the situation about a decade ago. Her role has switched from that of a housewife to an ambitious corporate multi tasker. However, the biggest challenge is dividing your attention and effort between being a loving wife, a caring mother and a successful employee. It is also important to regularly find time to take care of your body and mind which you put through so much. Here are a few tips on how you, as a woman, can allocate the precious little time you have to effectively rejuvenate your body and mind.

A daily walk

Walking, as we all know is a great way to strengthen muscles and stretch your body while improving your heart health. A weekly allocation of about 120 -200 minutes on walking, according to researchers, can have a significant impact on making your body healthy. But if you’re too busy and just can’t find the time for a walk, try using the stairs as often as possible instead of taking the elevator, walk your dog a little longer or walk with your girlfriends to the restaurant instead of driving to improve your heart health.

Stay in shape

Your weight, your shape and how you feel about yourself will have a direct impact on your level of productivity as a woman. To stay in shape, you don’t necessarily have to stop eating all the things you love. Secret is moderation in eating the few foods that can have a negative impact on your body. And try to get a mix of healthy fats, lean proteins and fiber rich food. In addition, matcha green tea will supplement your weight loss efforts.

Don’t lose focus

Among the many things success demands from us, focus and determination always comes at the top. But it’s easy for one to lose focus when undertaking several tasks that require a high level of concentration. Eliminating distractions that do not need your immediate attention will help lessen the stress level. Foods such as blueberries, organic matcha tea in Australia, avocados and fatty fish contain elements that help boost focus and memory. Getting a sufficient amount of sleep is another very important factor as it helps the body and mind recover after s busy day of work.

Plan your day the night before

Planning how you’re going to make the simple decisions of the next day, the night before makes your life a lot simpler and hassle free. For example, knowing at what time you’re supposed to wake up tomorrow, what you’re going to wear to work, what time you’re going to drop the kids from school etc. will keep you from getting sidetracked and wasting energy on unimportant things.