Do It For The ‘gram

Looking good in this day and age of social media is a pressure people of all ages and body types feel every single day. Although it does work for some people because it motivates them to work out more and maintain their beauty regimes, some end up feeling horrible about themselves or end up seriously damaging their bodies by adapting unhealthy methods of losing weight. Plan out your work out and diet. You don’t have to immediately switch to a carb-free diet from day one. Start by cutting out all alcohol, frizzy drinks, dessert, junk food and snacks. Reach for more natural, organic and non-dairy options without added salt or sugar. Get more fruits, vegetables and salads. Most dietitians recommend great keto supplements as it almost immediately induces weight loss. However, if it is not paired with exercise there might not be a significant weight loss or change in your body. To see whether or not a certain method is working for you it is best to track your progress. Either in pictures or detailed measurements. Also, be sure to make a note of everything you eat

 If you find yourself straying from your exercise regiment its best to hire a professional to keep you in check. Apart from making sure you pace yourself properly their job includes motivating you and pushing you to the best of your abilities. If you get frustrated at their attempts to get you to work out or stick to a low carb diet, remember that they are doing it for your benefit and not theirs. Much like a dietician, trainers can review your notes on what you eat and recommend what you should add to or shave off from your meals. They too will keep your progress in mind, thus altering your workout to fit what problem areas need to be tackled, which is the most effective and so on.

The adding of supplements to smoothies trend is sweeping the nation especially so in Hollywood with it being given an excessively expensive and luxurious twist in the latest line of Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow. There are much cheaper options with more benefits for those who cannot afford such extravagant luxuries. Collagen protein powder Australia is highly recommended to be paired with exercise regimes because of its various benefits raging from improvements in nails, hair, and skin to improved digestion and being a good protein supplement. Many find having a smoothie in between their morning exercise and work makes them feel energized, while others have it mid-day.

There is an aspect of feeling good in looking good. It takes a bit of time and effort to get there but it is an easy feat if you stay motivated and stick to your plan.