Could You Be Lactose Intolerant?

The words lactose intolerant are words that have been kept out of the media for a very long time and many big industries have paid a lot of money to have them covered up and kept secretive which is why we have rarely heard these words in the past but today, thanks to social media and the ability to communicate easily, people are being more open about the condition that they call lactose intolerance. However, even this is often a misconception because it is not quite that these people are lactose intolerant but it is just that their human bodies are unable to digest the breast milk of a cow which of course is something that is common sense. The breast milk of a cow is meant and designed for calves and not for humans which is why many of us, in fact, almost every one of us has issues digesting it in adult hood.
The solution too many of your problems

From your young days, you may have experienced problems with digestion, gas, bad skin and various other symptoms that you never quite had a reason for and as you have had them all your life for as long as you can remember, you might have even thought this is normal. Many parents start giving their toddlers milk protein from cows from a very young age and therefore, you may not have a time in your memory that you were without these problems. However, when people go dairy free, they report seeing a big change in their health and that they feel a lot stronger, more energetic and that most of the problems that they experienced for all their lives magically just vanished and the reason for this is that your body simply does not digest cow milk.

Of course, many people make the mistake of choosing a1 protein free milk, fat free milk, skim milk and such to reduce the problems that they have but the truth is, all of these are dairy and therefore, the problems will certainly continue. Constant bloating, gas, continuous milk illness such as the flu and bad skin are some of the problems that occur due to taking dairy in your diet. However, this information is hidden from us because the dairy industry is a multibillion dollar industry and therefore, this information getting out can cause them to lose millions and billons. For this reason, these industries invest so much of money to hide this truth from the world but social media has opened up many doors for the news to get out to the consumer.